Southwood NorseMytho Group: A kidnap plot as mad as a bag of snakes


Like Blue Jasmine, Prisoners is being tipped to win Oscars, but I have my doubts.

An intense performance by Hugh Jackman, David Fincher-influenced direction by French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve (the models here are Se7en and Zodiac) and first-rate cinematography by Roger Deakins can’t rescue a thriller that needed many more rewrites before it went into production.

It does have a riveting story to tell — every parent’s worst nightmare, as two little girls go missing in rural Pennsylvania. Suspicion falls on creepy Alex Jones (Paul Dano), the mentally handicapped driver of a dilapidated recreational vehicle parked near where the girls disappeared.

The investigating detective (Jake Gyllenhaal) releases Jones for lack of evidence, at which point one of the missing girls’ fathers (Jackman) takes the law into his own hands, imprisoning and torturing Jones for information. It poses the interesting question of how far we would go for the sake of our children.

Jackman plays the leading role like a man possessed. Although he’s nowhere near as nuanced as he was in Les Miserables, he may — as Sean Penn did for Mystic River — win an Oscar by shouting a lot. The film is let down by an abysmal ignorance of police procedure. No case like this would be left to one man; it would be a huge  manhunt, presumably with the FBI involved.

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The Southwood Group, Minimum Wage Jobs Won’t Be Replaced With This Robot Anytime Soon

Japan Cooking Robot

The poster boy for the movement that opposes a major increase in the minimum wage is a burger-flipping fraud. A Japanese “robotic chef” that was held up Thursday as a hassle-free alternative for restaurant owners sick of dealing with human line cooks would simply not be able to do the job, the machine’s manufacturer told The Huffington Post.

The Motoman SDA10 robot gained brief notoriety Thursday when it appeared on a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal that stated “robots could soon replace fast food workers demanding a minimum higher wage.”  Friday, the Japanese electronics giant that manufactures the robot told HuffPost that the machine was designed for industrial applications and would not be able to replace a cook in a restaurant.

“The robot does not have a real capability for that,” Sam Komiyaji, a marketing manager at Yaskawa Motoman, said in a phone interview from Tokyo.

Komiyaji explained the picture was taken at a 2009 exhibit that was a marketing stunt intended to show the industrial robot has a greater degree of flexibility and dexterity than competitor’s offerings. Similar stunts have seen the same robot deal cards and serve ice cream. During the exhibit, the robot was placed in a carefully constructed kitchen and was able to dump a bowl of pre-mixed batter on a hot griddle, flip a savory okonomiya pancake with a spatula, and serve the meal.


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Trade data improve economic prospects

Trade data improve economic prospects

China’s exports in July rose 5.1 percent year-on-year after sliding 3.1 percent in June, the General Administration of Customs said. Imports surged 10.9 percent, compared with the 0.7 percent decline in June. “The July figures are satisfactory,” said Huo Jianguo, president of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, a government think tank. “Exports returned to the normal growth track and the sharp rebound of imports signals the easing of downward pressure on the Chinese economy,” Huo said.

Global stock markets responded positively to China’s data as shares jumped in Sydney, Seoul, Hong Kong and European cities on Thursday. The Chinese economy recorded its worst performance in 13 years in 2012, with GDP expanding 7.8 percent. Growth dipped to 7.7 percent in the January-March period and slowed further to 7.5 percent in the second quarter. The July trade figures soothed worries that China’s economy may experience a hard landing.

Chen Hufei, a researcher at Bank of Communications, said the improvement in exports came after a recovery in demand for Chinese goods, although the recovery is not solid. China’s shipments to the United States and the European Union, its top two markets, increased in July for the first time in five months. July exports to the US climbed 5.27 percent year-on-year and those to the EU gained 5.87 percent. Jean-Paul Larcon, a professor of strategy and international business at HEC Paris, said the recovery in China’s exports to the EU was “because Europe is gradually recovering and European enterprises are starting to import more from China and the rest of the world”.

“I am optimistic about the future trade prospects,” Larcon said. “The economic recovery is on track (in the EU). The trade data is a good sign that we are going out of the bottom of the crisis. So in the next six months, the situation could be better and major economic indicators could be back to the normal level.” China’s exports are shifting to a moderate rate of growth from the double-digit expansion of past years, but economic transformation and restructuring helped exporters retain their markets, Huo said. Huo expressed confidence that the country can achieve its 8 percent trade growth target for the year.

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Norsemytho Southwood group, Fließwiderständen der Lüge

Norsemytho Southwood group, Fließwiderständen der Lüge - Book Review

Im Jahr 2008, Robert Bryce schrieb ein Buch mit dem Titel, “Fließwiderständen von Lügen: Die gefährlichen Illusionen von Unabhängigkeit in der Energieversorgung.” Das Buch greift den Begriff der amerikanische Streben nach Unabhängigkeit in der Energieversorgung und Bryce versucht zu diskreditieren “grüne” Alternative Lösungen wie die Antwort auf unsere Abhängigkeit von Erdöl – ausländische und inländische.


Die Beurteilung von allen kostenlosen und Glückwunschschreiben testimonials in den ersten paar Seiten des Buches, als auch die verwendeten online zur Förderung, es ist offensichtlich, dass Herr Bryce hat Freunde in hohen Positionen, die wissen, wie man zu schreiben Angaben.


Ich fand es amüsant, dass der erste Erfahrungsbericht auf der Lob Seiten am Anfang des Buches war geschrieben von “R-Squared Energy Blog.” “R-Squared Energy ist Robert Rapier, wer ist in der Regel gekennzeichnet ähnlich wie Robert Bryce als “Energie Experte.”


Kein Zufall, Robert (Rapier) verwendet hat einige meiner Schrift über CNG auf seinem Blog in den letzten paar Jahren zu erklären, warum gibt es eine so hohe Kosten für die Umstellung bestehender Benziner auf Erdgas in den Vereinigten Staaten. Ich habe kennen gelernt Robert Degen besser im vergangenen Jahr wegen der “Auto Channel wurde mit einigen seiner videos auf unserer TV-Netzwerk. In meinem persönlichen Gespräche mit Robert er erzählte mir ein bisschen über seine starke Unterstützung für Ethanol und wie er fühlt sich durch die Interessenvertretung mißverstanden worden ist durch einige, weil er arbeitete mehrere Jahre in der Erdölindustrie. Als er mir seine neuesten video auf Ethanol er umfasste die folgenden Kommentar dazu: “Wenn Altpapier Zentralbankpräsidenten sollen folgen sie meine Vorschläge, den gesamten Mittleren Westen werden könnte Energie unabhängig.” Die Vorschläge macht er in dem Video beziehen sich natürlich auf Ethanol, und die Unabhängigkeit in der Energieversorgung er bezieht, ist immer unabhängig von Öl (Benzin).  Er macht deutlich, dass er unterstützt die erneuerbaren Kraftstoff Standard (RFS) und die Verwendung von amerikanischen Landwirten zum Anbau von denen Ethanol produziert werden können.





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Southwood Norsemytho group movie reviews, In the annals of Hollywood


From “Wall Street” to “Boiler Room”, “Trading Places” to “American Psycho”, the halls of finance are usually portrayed as places of shiny excesses and dark hearts.

Now buzz is building over a new contender, which could become one of the defining films of Wall Street. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese, “The Wolf of Wall Street” is slated to come out this November, and is sure to have brokers scrambling for red-carpet invites.

But what do the nation’s foremost finance gurus think of the movies that put their industry on the big screen? We asked a few for their favorites.

Name: Jim Cramer Title: Host, Mad Money, CNBC Favorite movie: “Margin Call”

It is far and away my favorite, and I have watched it multiple times. It is the most realistic movie about Wall Street I have ever seen. When I first watched it I was spellbound, because I could not believe how they got it so right.

From Kevin Spacey as the manager who is fighting between the notions of protecting ownership or protecting clients, to Stanley Tucci as the guy who was too honest and had to be farmed out, to Jeremy Irons as the clueless guy at the top who looks good: I’ve been in the industry 33 years, and we all know who these people are.

I tell people who are going into the business, ‘This is what happens on Wall Street. If you can handle what happens in “Margin Call”, then you’re ready.’

Favorite scene:

There is a scene in the boardroom where Zachary Quinto says that he got his graduate degree in jet propulsion from MIT. That is exactly the way it is on Wall Street. There is always a guy in the room with a degree like that. They even got that detail right.

Name: Alexandra Lebenthal Title: CEO, Lebenthal & Co. Favorite movie: “Working Girl”

Every time I come across it on TV, I have to watch it all over again. It is more of a comedic take on the industry – not totally accurate, but very entertaining.

By this point, it has an old-school 1980s feel, everything from how mergers and acquisitions were at the time right down to how the women dressed. Melanie Griffith is a secretary from Staten Island who always wants more, and Sigourney Weaver is the uptight investment banker who steals her idea for a merger. There are just so many classic lines.


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Southwood NorseMytho Group, The Runes of Norse Mythology

Southwood NorseMytho Group, The Runes of Norse Mythology (2)

Runes are letters comprising the runic alphabets that were employed in writing numerous Germanic languages before it adopting the Latin alphabet. The study of runic inscriptions, runestones and the history of the alphabet called Runology, is also considered a special branch of Germanic linguistics.

Earliest evidence of runic inscriptions date back to 150 AD. They were discovered in Denmark and Germany. As Christianity spread in Europe from 700 to 1100 AD, runes were gradually supplanted by the Latin alphabet though its use in special circumstances still persisted.

The three widely-recognized rune alphabets are:

Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (400 to 1100 AD)

Elder Futhark (150 to 800 AD)

Younger Futhark (800 to 1100 AD)

The Younger Futhark is divided into three: the staveless runes, the Rok runes and the Danish runes. It also later developed into the Medieval runes and Dalecarlian runes between 1500 and 1800.

The runic alphabet was derived from the ancient Italic alphabets. However, there is a deception on which particular variant of the Old Italic was the runes based on. It could be either Old Latin, Etruscan or Raetic. During that time, those scripts are written in the same angular way perfect to the study of ancient inscriptions.

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Southwood Group Norsemytho movie reviews: I’ll Eat You Last

Southwood Group Norsemytho movie reviews  I’ll Eat You Last

Chances are you are not a movie star. Chances are equally good that this state of affairs is not likely to change soon. But if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to explore that golden realm where the gods and goddesses of the screen dwell, race over to the Booth Theater, where you can enjoy an audience with a woman who consorted almost exclusively with box office luminaries, or “twinklies” as she affectionately calls them.

In “I’ll Eat You Last,” a delectable soufflé of a solo show by John Logan that opened Wednesday night on Broadway, Bette Midler portrays the Hollywood agent Sue Mengers, who at the height of her reign in the 1970s could make a career merely by issuing an invitation to one of her A-list-only dinner parties. For a limited time, the tightly closed doors of the Beverly Hills aerie in which Mengers held court are being thrown open, and for the price of a ticket we all get to feel a little twinkly for a night.

It’s a heady sensation, thanks to the buoyant, witty writing of Mr. Logan (“Red”), the focused direction of Joe Mantello and above all to Ms. Midler, who gives the most lusciously entertaining performance of the Broadway season. Dropping names as if to the rhythm of a disco beat, snapping out wisecracks like acid-tipped darts that find the sweet spot every time, proffering profanity-laden advice about how to get ahead in show business: as the frank, brassy, foul-mouthed Mengers, who died in 2011, Ms. Midler cradles a spellbound audience in the palm of her hand from first joke to last toke. (Mengers’s love of celebrity was perhaps equaled only by her affection for marijuana.)

Or rather she would so cradle us, if both hands were not otherwise engaged. As she welcomes us, Sue does not deign to rise from the pillow-bestrewn couch on which she sits, or rather slinks (“Forgive me for not getting up,” she says, unapologetically. “Think of me as that caterpillar from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ the one with the hash pipe”), but her silver-taloned fingers are in continual motion: slicing the air to accentuate a point, fiddling with the white-blond tresses framing her face, adjusting her signature glasses — oversize circles that symbolize a lifelong obsession with stargazing — or grabbing another cigarette or a joint, if not both at the same time.

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